Poker Championship

Account Sale Agreement

Bought it and used it by even logging in?
No Refund Allowed!!

You bought it, and can not have a refund because you can absolutely not return it exactly as it is now, before you paid for it!

You might be a bad player and waste the $Millions in the account so no refund whatsoever! I will not refund nor Fight You for you ruining or wasting and then trying and can prove what currently exists BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

You won't return it the same EXACT WAY, SO, NO REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want this awesome poker championship texas hold'em poker account with currently $20 million, level 97 account, then buy it and you agree that you will not ever receive a refund! If you don't agree then do not check the checkbox asking if you agree to no refund in these terms.